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What's up with tallow skincare?
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What's up with tallow skincare?

No babe, tallow is not all you need for your skin. I said what I said. 
Lately tallow is all the craze. In the natural communities, you hear it around every corner.... but what is the real deal?
I keep hearing over and over again that tallow is similar to our own natural sebum. While this may be true to a degree, its important to note that it is similar to acneic sebum produced by unhealthy skin. It is high in oleic acid and low in linoleic acid, just like the oils in skin with acne. A good oil for skin care, is the exact opposite: high in linoleic acid. Healthy sebum is balanced, unlike tallow. 
Use over time, can disturb the natural balance of healthy sebum and could begin to cause issues. Issues like inflammation, break outs, etc... the very thing many claim that tallow combats. I have had SO many people come to me and tell me they broke out like crazy or had irritation using tallow based skin care... and this is why.
Another big issue many fail to mention, fat is where toxins are stored. Yes, even grassfed organic cows come in contact with many toxins in their lifetime. Aside from this, there are many issues with purity, consistency, and stability with tallow.
What is boils down to, is that there are MANY other oils that are ideal for skin care, jojoba oil being the closest to our own naturally occurring healthy sebum. If you wish to simply your skin care routine and want to steer clear of tallow: use jojoba oil instead!
The purpose of this post isn't to attack, but rather to educate! I encourage anyone who finds this post triggering to dig deeper into the chemical composition of tallow vs our sebum and see what you come back with. 
Want a facial care routine that is perfectly suited to our own natural sebum and won't disturb your natural moisture barrier? Shop our skin care line!
   Live pure. 
About The Author: Alicia is a NAHA certified level 2 aromatherapist, herbalist, skin care guru, organic product formulator, avid gardener, writer, wife, and mother to two three children. She is an organic living advocate on a mission to spread the word about living a natural lifestyle.
You can purchase her organic goods at

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