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Epsom Salt - The Magnesium Powerhouse
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Epsom Salt - The Magnesium Powerhouse

Epsom salt is one of our absolute favorite ingredients. Did you know that it is not actually a salt at all? In fact, it is a mineral compound that consists of sulfate and magnesium. It is a naturally occurring miracle substance that is used to treat many ailments. Let's dive deep and discover the history and benefits!


Epsom Salt was originally discovered by accident in Epsom, England. The salt was discovered by boiling the waters from a nearby saline spring. It was documented by Nehemiah Grew, a local chemist, in 1695. He noted the laxative effect of magnesium sulfate. As word spread about it's healing powers, the town quickly became a spa destination! Today, the mineral compound is produced from Dolomite.


Originally, Epsom Salt was used as a laxative. Today, we know that this powerhouse has a plethora of magical effects! So what exactly can it help with? Studies have shown that Epsom salt added to a warm bath imparts magnesium through the skin and starts up a process called reverse osmosis which helps to rid your body of toxins and heavy metals.

Magnesium, as you may know, plays a critical role in our bodies. Magnesium is necessary to create serotonin, the happy chemical in our bodies. It also plays a critical role in nervous system and muscle function by regulating electrolytes. Magnesium helps you to relax and in turn, improves sleep as well.

Magnesium is also wonderful at helping to manage and reduce pain and inflammation. If you are experiencing cramps, sore muscles, or have a bruise/sprain try adding a little Epsom salt to your bath and soak in the relief! This practice is especially beneficial for things like arthritis and many other inflammatory conditions.

A few others uses not mentioned above:

Treat toenail fungus and athletes foot
Draw out splinters
Neutralize odor
Fertilize houseplants
... and so much more!!

Try It

We hope you learned a little something about Epsom salt today! If you'd like to try it for yourself, shop one of our goods that feature this magical ingredient:

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