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Organic Product Storage Tips
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Organic Product Storage Tips

Want to learn the best ways to store organic products to get the most out of them and make them last? Read on!

Apothepurity Blue Glass Bottles

Organic products are a wonderful thing for your body and the environment. They generally contain no preservatives, which is wonderful thing! However, this can mean that they are prone to spoilage. Our tips will teach you how to properly store and handle your goods so they last!

Tip One:

Always cap your jars tightly. Leaving the lid off for extended periods of time leaves your good susceptible to oxidation, loss of scent, and bacteria. Capping off your good tightly after each use will prolong their scent + extend their life span!

Tip Two:

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. This seems like a no brain-brainer, but it is important to mention. Many oils change their chemical composition when heated or exposed to direct sunlight. It can cause oxidation which can spoil your oil and can actually cause adverse reactions. It is so important to keep your goods in a cabinet if there is a window in the room!

Tip Three:

Use clean DRY hands to use your organic products. Never dip into a jar with dirty or wet hands. This introduces bacteria and bacteria = spoilage.

Tip Four:

Try to use your organic goods within a year. The shelf life of all of our products is around 1-2 years. Using your goods within a year ensures that you are using them at peak performance! This goes for essential oils as well. Older essential oils are prone to cause reactions and won't have the same potency. 

We hope these tips will help you keep your goods at optimal performance serving you the way they should!

Live Pure.

 About The Author: Alicia is a NAHA certified level 2 aromatherapist, skin care guru, organic product formulator, avid gardener, writer, wife, and mother to two three children. She is an organic living advocate on a mission to spread the word about living a natural lifestyle.
You can purchase her organic aromatherapy goods at

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