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Calendula: The Healing Flower
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Calendula: The Healing Flower

The first ingredient I'd like to feature is one of my personal favorites, calendula. Calendula is a beautiful yellow gold herbaceous flower in the daisy family. It is also referred to as "pot marigold." This healing herb has been historically used to treat anything from minor cuts and burns to various skin ailments like acne and rashes. It has many benefits for the skin which we will highlight in this post!
 This is my first calendula bloom ever! I am excited to grow it again for use in our products this year! 
Healing benefits:

This herb can heal! This is mainly due to the many anti inflammatory properties present in this flower. The antioxidants carotenoid and lutein found in this amazing healing plant also play a key role in its healing abilities. They work to reduce oxidative stress to the wound, which in turn, speeds up the healing process. Calendula was recognized for its many healing properties by ancient cultures. It is referred to in some of the oldest medical writings on record. It was used to stop bleeding, prevent infection, and speed the healing process. It was used in this manner during the Civil War and World War I! Calendula has been a significant well documented healing herb for centuries. 

Skin benefits:

Now that we've gone over it's healing benefits, let's go over what is does for your skin! Calendula betters the appearance of your skin in a few ways. Aside from healing blemishes, it increases the blood flow and in turn, the production of collagen resulting in healthier smooth skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The flavonoids and linoleic acid present in the flower can reduce inflammation and calm redness resulting in a more even skin tone overall. The carotenoids present in this plant play a crucial role in neutralizing harmful free radicals and protecting your precious skin from environmental stressors. You can see why this healing herb has been used for centuries and revered as a wonderful addition to one's skin care regimen. 
Try it:

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About The Author: Alicia is a NAHA certified level 2 aromatherapist, skin care guru, organic product formulator, avid gardener, writer, wife, and mother to two boys. She is an organic living advocate on a mission to spread the word about living a natural lifestyle.

You can purchase her organic aromatherapy goods at

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