Facial Toner - Tone My Skin

Facial Toner - Tone My Skin

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Tone My Skin

Our long awaited skin care line is finally here! We have sold custom order skin care for many years and we finally added it to our official line!

Tone My Skin is the perfect way to tone your poors, balance pH, hydrate, and prep your skin to recieve serum. Our combination of frankincense + calendula hydrosol with organic witch hazel extract makes for a spa-like ritual experience with each use. Our toner is healing, calming, and balancing to the skin after cleansing. Simply mist your skin before applying serum to harness the magic.

Our Pure Ingredients:

Organic Hydrosols of Frankincense and Calendula, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Distilled Water.

This product comes in a 2oz glass mister with a biodegradable label. 

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