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Apothepurity® is an eco-conscious body care company on a mission to inspire you to live pure® for a healthier you and planet too. 

Apothepurity wholeheartedly believes that organic plants and herbs have the ability to heal and nourish our skin, as they have for thousands of years.

We believe in the power of nature.

Our goal is to help people thrive by providing them with the purest products possible. Our offerings are handmade in small batches with the finest organic available, many of which are grown by our own hands right here on our mountain homestead.

True beauty lies in the harmony between nature and science. Our meticulously curated and expertly formulated collection of organic skincare and haircare products is designed to nourish and enhance your natural radiance.

The story of Apothepurity began in 2011 on the island of Oahu. It was there that the founder, Alicia, learned so much about the importance of sustainability and living an organic lifestyle. She brought this knowledge back to mainland and realized that so many brands were cutting corners. She set out to create an affordable luxury body care brand that was fully organic, no corners cut. Her background in aesthetics and later in aromatherapy and herbalism played a critical role in her formulations. She began sharing her creations with friends with wonderful feedback. Many years went into research and development and finally, in 2015, Apothepurity officially launched.

While Apothepurity started as a way for Alicia to stay at home with her children, it quickly grew to something much bigger than she ever imagined. The brand began just outside of Nashville, TN and eventually moved to a homestead in WNC so that the herbs used in the goods can be grown in house. Today, Apothepurity can be found on the shelves at around 40 retailers nationwide and beyond. The brand has been featured in many publications like Cosmo UK, Aromaculture, House Of Coco, and more!

Meet The Maker

Apothepurity's creator Alicia is a NAHA certified level two aromatherapist, herbalist, wife, mother of three, writer, skin care guru, natural living blogger, and organic living advocate. She lives and creates with her family on an organic homestead nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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