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Fall Diffuser Blend
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Fall Diffuser Blend

Fall Recipe!

We wanted to ring in October properly by sharing a fall diffuser recipe:

Autumn Spice Diffuser Blend

What you'll need:
A small stainless steel funnel
A 15ml clean dry essential oil bottle with dropper cap

Essential Oils of:
Cinnamon Bark or Leaf
Sweet Orange

First: Find a clean workspace like a countertop, glass table, etc. We do not recommend working over wood as certain oils can strip the finish if there is a spill.

Second: Glove UP! When mixing essential oils, it is always best to use gloves, especially when working with "hot" oils.

Third: Remove the dropper cap from your essential oil bottle you are going to fill. You can reuse an old bottle, just be sure to wash thoroughly (wearing gloves) with warm water and soap. Dry completely before use.

Fourth: Gather your ingredients, insert your funnel, and get ready to mix!

Combine the following to make your own Autumn Spice Blend:

100 drops Cinnamon Bark or Leaf
25 drops Clove
100 drops Sweet Orange
75 drops Nutmeg

Still wearing gloves, insert your dropper cap and screw the cap on tightly. Store in a cool, dry, dark place to keep your blend fresh.

 Use the recommended number of drops for your specific diffuser and turn your home into fall bliss!

NOTE: I do not recommend applying this blend topically, even well diluted, because it is made with several hot oils. This is recommended for diffusing only. This blend is safe for diffusing around children age 2 and up.

Why diffuse essential oils? An essential oil diffuser delivers tiny droplets of essential oil into your home and olfactory system. It is an easy way to deliver essential oils to your environment in a gentle, effective way. It eliminates the need to use toxic air fresheners and improves the air quality in your home. Many oils have specific scientifically proven qualities. For example: the blend we shared above has many antibacterial components!


Live pure. 


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