Wondering what exactly makes us a sustainable brand? Here are a few of the ways we are doing our part to make our impact a good one:

1. Plant Me Tags

Have you seen our seed paper business cards or labels? You can actually plant them to produce food for pollinators! They are made from recycled content (left over scraps from greeting card and envelope production) and the daphne bush. The bush is not destroyed when it is harvested to produce the paper we use. No trees were cut down to produce our cards. The entire process used to produce the seed paper is eco-friendly!

You can choose to recycle our business cards, compost them, or plant them and watch them grow! 

The paper is embedded with hundreds of tiny seeds that will grow and flourish in most North American regions. The seeds included are a mixture of annual and perennial seeds. They do well in partial shade, and need about 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. Most will grow to be about 3 inches. 

Seeds include:

Showy Evening Primrose, Red Corn Poppy, English Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon, Creeping Thyme, Foxglove, Tussock Bellflower, Lilac Godetia, Catchfly, and Monkeyflower. 

After you follow us on social media, get to planting! 


Sow in soil 1/8 inch deep. Keep moist until established and ENJOY!

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We quite literally reuse or recycle everything from our incoming shipments. The boxes we ship out come from incoming shipments or are made from 100% recycled content! The paper we pack your goods with is upcycled from our incoming shipments as well. 

Our goods are packaged in fully recyclable glass or compostable packaging. See #4 on this page to see how to recycle your empty goods!

3. Giving Back

We give back a portion of our profits to various Earth + animal saving organizations with each event we vend.  A few of the organizations we have donated to are:

The Gentle Barn

Southern Appalachian Highlands

Ahimsa House

Friends of the Smokies

Replant Gatlinburg

Alive Rescue Memphis

+ many more!

Lately, we have been working with One Tree to plant a tree in our area for every product we sell. If you have an idea for an organization you'd like to see us support, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

4. Biostone Labels

Our labels are biodegradable and made from stone! When your product is empty, simply pull your label off, trash or compost the label, rinse your jar well, and toss in the recycling bin. You won't find toxic vinyl labels here!

5. Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

We only source from suppliers who fairly trade with their partners, source, and package sustainably. For instance, the sandalwood essential oil that we use is made from fallen twigs and branches as is our palo santo sticks. Sustainable harvesting and packing methods are very important to us for ALL ingredients and goods. If you have questions about a particular ingredient, please reach out! 

6. Homestead Grown Ingredients

Many of the ingredients we use are grown with our own two hands! Our homestead uses organic methods to produce: lavender, calendula, chamomile, echinacea, plantain, st john's wort, sage, and so much more! Growing our ingredients on our property lessens our impact by saving the fossil fuels it would take for us to outsource for it. Growing it ourselves means we know exactly what goes into each and every plant and gives our products so much love and intention!

We are constantly implementing new ways to lessen our impact. If you have questions or ideas, please reach out! We would love to hear from you.