Got empty jars?

Our new and improved recycling program is officially back!! With supply chain issues, we need you guys now more than ever! Here is how it works:

1. Save up your glass jars/containers after you finish a product of ours.

2. Wash the undamaged jars and let them dry.

3. Carefully pack up and weigh them.

4. Email us and let us know the weight, dimensions of the box, how many jars you will be returning, and your address.

5. We will email you a prepaid shipping label to print at home and attach to your box.

6. Drop at your post or in your mailbox if it fits!

7. When we recieve the jars, we will send you a code for $1 credit for each jar returned, minus the cost of the shipping label! This works best when several jars are being returned.

Alternatively, as we have done for many years, you can return your clean undamaged jars at any of our in-person events and recieve $1 off per jar, no shipping required!

That's it!! You are helping us and helping the environment too. 🎉

Live Pure.